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The Accountability Dial

The simplest and most-effective way to deliver feedback at work.

A Simple Five-Step Approach
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Scripts to Guide You
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Feedback that Drives Growth
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Do you avoid delivering negative feedback?


Are you looking for ways to give feedback without people getting defensive?


Are you looking for ways to minimize the threat response in difficult conversations?


We get it. We’ve been there. Even though your intention is to help people grow, having the actual conversations is difficult. How can you be direct without folks shutting down?  Directive without shutting down creativity?  How do you escalate the conversation but still be supportive?  That's what The Accountability Dial is all about.

For Individuals

  • Two Week Video-Based Course
  • Meet with a Refound coach for 1-on-1 feedback
  • Activities to Practice as You Go
  • Graduation Badge to Share Your New Skill on Linkedin


For Groups

  • Access to the entire Online Course
  • Three instructor-led interactive discussions
  • 60-min welcome session introducing course and process
  • 60-min mid-point session discussing learning outcomes
  • 60-min application session applying the framework and working through real-life examples
  • Case Study to practice skills learned. Submit to Refound for feedback post-completion.

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The Accountability Dial

The Accountability Dial course walks you through all the steps so you are confident and at ease in every conversation. It works! Are you ready to see for yourself?

Give real-time feedback without hesitation
Lead people to specific actions that create specific outcomes
Enable growth and empowerment
Enable a cultural shift that welcomes feedback
Spark reflection and motivation
Enhance personal and professional relationships
Allow people to explore and experiment
Minimize the threat-response in 
 difficult conversations
Lead individuals to succeed
Create space for people to grow and be vulnerable
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The Accountability Dial Course

"I ran across the Accountability Dial framework which captured every feeling I had about how feedback works that is respectful and hopeful and supportive. The approach you've outlined feels more human-centered than anything I've seen in my career. Can't wait to learn more!"

– Elizabeth Vaden

“This program created a shift in me that keeps paying for itself, over and over.”

– John Gillen
SVP - Learning & Development, J.S. Held LLC

"Every day, I mean every single day, I hear from someone on the executive team something meaningful about the coaching they're getting from Refound."

- Wes Sloan

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